IR21531SPBF, Полумостовой драйвер SELF-OSC [ 8SOIC]

Артикул: IR21531SPBF
Ном. номер: 82306351
Производитель: International Rectifier
Фото 1/3 IR21531SPBF, Полумостовой драйвер SELF-OSC [ 8SOIC]
Фото 2/3 IR21531SPBF, Полумостовой драйвер SELF-OSC [ 8SOIC]Фото 3/3 IR21531SPBF, Полумостовой драйвер SELF-OSC [ 8SOIC]
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The IR21531SPBF is a self-oscillating Half-bridge Gate Driver IC incorporates a high voltage half-bridge gate driver with a front end oscillator similar to the industry standard CMOS 555 timer. The IC provides more functionality and is easier to use. A shutdown feature has been designed into the CT pin, so that both gate driver outputs can be disabled using a low voltage control signal. In addition the gate driver output pulse widths are the same once the rising under-voltage lockout threshold on VCC has been improved significantly, both by lowering the peak DI/DT of the gate driver and by increasing the under-voltage lockout hysteresis to 1V.

• True micro power start-up
• Tighter initial dead-time control
• Low temperature coefficient dead time
• Shutdown features on CT pin
• Lower power level-shifting circuit
• Constant LO, HO pulse widths at start-up
• Low side output in phase with RT
• Excellent latch immunity on all inputs and outputs

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