J01190A0031, SSMB straight receptacle

PartNumber: J01190A0031
Ном. номер: 8035446007
Производитель: Binder
J01190A0031, SSMB straight receptacle
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Telegartner SSMB PCB Receptacle Connector
Telegartner SSMB series of PCB connectors incorporates a snap coupling and is suitable for various applications up to a frequency of 3GHz, the impedance is controlled at 50 Ω and the connectors are mounted to the PCB using thru-hole soldered assembly. Solder
and crimp techniques are used to terminate the SSMB series of PCB connectors to cable. Due to their small size these SSMB Series PCB
connectors have applications in small electronic instruments and communication equipment amongst others.

Gold plated connector finish
Mount dimensions Z23
Over 100 mating cycles
Insulation resistance 1GΩ
50Ω impedance

IEC 60 169-19

Telegartner SMA RF Coaxial Connectors

Разъемы / Радиочастотные и коаксиальные разъемы / SSMB разъемы /
Telegartner Straight Subminiature 50Ω Through Hole SSMB Connector, Plug, Solder Termination

Технические параметры

материал контактов
Beryllium Copper
покрытие контактов
тип монтажа
Through Hole
рабочая частота
0 → 3GHz
способ концевой заделки
Body Orientation
Mating Type
Snap On

Дополнительная информация

PCB SSMB receptacle (M) Data Sheet J01190A0031
PCB SSMB receptacle (M) Data Sheet