JSTUD12160SS, Chemical stud,stainless s

PartNumber: JSTUD12160SS
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JSTUD12160SS, Chemical stud,stainless s
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Chemical Fixing System Chemical Fixing System
Glass capsule anchor used with spin-in studs to provide an expansion free anchorage in concrete, which can be used at close spacing and edge distances.

Capsule can be installed in rotary percussion or diamond drilled holes
Typical applications include fixing of pipework brackets, machinery, lighting columns, CCTV cameras and racking
Steel recess hex head studs supplied with washer, nut and hexagonal setting tool. Stainless steel studs supplied with washer, nut and hexagonal setting tool

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Dimensional Data
Thread Dia.Length (mm)Max. Fixture Thickness (mm)Hole Dia. (mm)Min. Hole Depth (mm)

Capsules & Studs are supplied separately

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RS M12 Capsule Anchor Stud Chemical Fixing, 160mm Stud Length

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