PartNumber: KERS-TM1234
Ном. номер: 8018550499
Производитель: Danaher Tool Group
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Torque Multiplier
The torque multiplier is a precision tool, which multiplies by 3 times the torque applied to the input drive, either clockwise or anti-clockwise. The multiplier is designed for maintenance and servicing applications for heavy industrial plant, construction and automotive industries. The input drive will accept any 1/2 in. sq. drive ratchet wrench or 32mm A/F socket. The output drive is suitable for use with 3/4 in. square drive sockets. For torque control and bolt loading operations, a torque wrench should be used., Maximum output of unit is 1400Nm/1000 lb/ft., The multiplier is supplied in a convenient plastic carrying case, with accessories and instruction leaflet.

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RS 1/2 in Square Torque Multiplier Socket Torque Multiplier, 420 mm Length

Технические параметры

размер привода
1/2 in
Тип привода
полная длина
420 mm
Sub Type
Torque Multiplier
Torque Multiplier

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