KL 0069, 200x200mm PP Oxidising Su

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KL 0069, 200x200mm PP Oxidising Su
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ISO 7010 Plastic Pictogram Signs

The purpose of the ISO 7010 Standard is to have an internationally-recognised range of signage shapes, colours and pictograms to enhance safety amongst increasing numbers of non-native speaking workers for whom text-based safety instructions are not sufficient.
The ISO 7010 Standard applies to all safety signs and symbols in work environments and other places where people need to be made aware of safety issues. This includes everything from emergency exit signs to mandatory, prohibition or hazard warning signs.

ISO 7010 International Standard

ISO 7010 Pictogram Signs

Системы безопасности и охраны, защита от статического электричества, чистые комнаты / Предупредительные знаки / Предупредительные знаки и наклейки /
Warning: Oxidising Substance Sign with Pictogram Only Plastic, 200 x 200mm Hazard Warning

Технические параметры

200 mm
тип монтажа
Apply Glue, Hanging, Paste
Text Language
Sign Description
Warning: Oxidising Substance

Дополнительная информация

200x200mm PP Oxidising Substance Sign