LS A676-Q1R2-1, LED, RED, SideLED SMT, 63

PartNumber: LS A676-Q1R2-1
Ном. номер: 8036382282
Производитель: Osram
LS A676-Q1R2-1, LED, RED, SideLED SMT, 63
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The SIDELED series, from Osram Opto Semiconductors, is a highly reliable side emitting range of LEDs.The SIDELED devices have optical characteristics for backlighting (optical coupling into light pipes). As a right angled SMT LED with an integrated reflector, the SIDELED series also offers a homogenous viewing angle. Suitable applications for Osram's SIDELED LEDs include backlighting (LCD, cellular phones, switches, keys, displays, illuminated advertising, general lighting), coupling into light guides, signal and symbol luminaire, interior automotive lighting (e.g. dashboard backlighting), marker lights (e.g. steps, exit ways).

Visible Light LEDs, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Unitronic® LiYY Cable

Amber LEDs – Originally designed for use in automotive brake-light applications, OSRAM amber LEDs can appear red due to a high dominant wavelength value. Refer to a dominant wavelength colour chart to find your chosen LED colour.

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Osram Opto LS A676-Q1R2-1, SIDELED Series Red LED, 633 nm, Round Lens SMD package

Технические параметры

Тип монтажа
Surface Mount
Световой поток
0.35 lm
Сила света
180 mcd
Угол обзора
120 °
Цвет линзы
Количество контактов
Форма линзы
Количество светодиодов
Прямое напряжение
2.3 V
4.2 x 4.2
Доминирующая длина волны
633 nm
LED Colours
Материал светодиода

Дополнительная информация

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