LTC1155CS8#PBF, Двойной драйвер МОП-транзистора, высокой стороны, 4.5В-18В, 26мкс, SOIC-8

PartNumber: LTC1155CS8#PBF
Ном. номер: 8095465242
Производитель: Linear Technology
LTC1155CS8#PBF, Двойной драйвер ...
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The LTC1155CS8#PBF is a dual high-side Gate Driver allows using N-channel FETs for high-side switching applications. An internal charge pump boosts the gate above the positive rail, fully enhancing an N-channel MOSFET with no external components. Micro-power operation with 8µA standby current and 85µA operating current allows use in virtually all systems with maximum efficiency. Included on-chip is overcurrent sensing to provide automatic shutdown in case of short circuits. A time delay can be added in series with the current sense to prevent false triggering on high in-rush loads such as capacitors and incandescent lamps. The LTC1155 operates off of a 4.5 to 18V supply input and safely drives the gates of virtually all FETs. The LTC1155 is well suited for low voltage (battery-powered) applications, particularly where micro-power sleep operation is required.

• Short-circuit protection
• Controlled switching ON and OFF times
• No external charge pump components
• Replaces P-channel high-side MOSFETs
• Compatible with standard logic families
• Fully enhances N-channel power MOSFETs

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Код: 1273506

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Datasheet LTC1155CS8#PBF