LTC4449EDCB#PBF, ИС драйвера МОП-транзистора, высокой стороны и низкой стороны, питание 4В-6.5В, 3.2А, 13нс, DFN-8

PartNumber: LTC4449EDCB#PBF
Ном. номер: 8114670090
Производитель: Linear Technology
LTC4449EDCB#PBF, ИС драйвера МОП-транзистора ...
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The LTC4449EDCB#PBF is a high frequency Gate Driver that is designed to drive two N-Channel MOSFETs in a synchronous DC/DC converter. The powerful rail-to-rail driver capability reduces switching losses in MOSFETs with high gate capacitance. The LTC4449 features a separate supply for the input logic to match the signal swing of the controller IC. If the input signal is not being driven, the LTC4449 activates a shutdown mode that turns off both external MOSFETs. The input logic signal is internally level-shifted to the bootstrapped supply, which functions at up to 42V above ground. The LTC4449 contains under-voltage lockout circuits on both the driver and logic supplies that turn off the external MOSFETs when an under-voltage condition is present. An adaptive shoot-through protection feature is also built-in to prevent the power loss resulting from MOSFET cross-conduction current.

• Adaptive shoot-through protection
• Under-voltage lockout
• Rail-to-rail output drivers
• Separate supply to match PWM controller
• Drives dual N-channel MOSFET
• 3.2A Peak pull-up current
• 4.5A Peak pull-down current
• 8ns TG Rise time driving 3000pF load
• 7ns TG Fall time driving 3000pF load

Полупроводники - Микросхемы\Микросхемы Управления Питанием\Драйверы и Контроллеры
Код: 2294866

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Datasheet LTC4449EDCB#PBF