PartNumber: M31
Ном. номер: 8098050971
Производитель: Vermason
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The M31 is an ESD Training CDROM designed for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT only. The case cover contains information on installing the ESD Certification Programme. This CD-ROM contains online documentation therefore no printed manuals are sent with the CD-ROM. The Student Guide may be printed from the Track menu after starting the programme or from the CD-ROM by printing the file Esd_stu.rtf. This file can be printed using a standard word processor. The 'Readme' file contained on the CD-ROM has important information on using the programme. The 'Readme' file can also be viewed by clicking on the Start menu, then 'Programs', then 'CBT Corporation', then 'Readme'. The file can also be opened by Notepad, distributed free with Windows. The Administrator Lite programme or Administrator 2000 programme, which is free with the ESD Certification Programme, may be installed by selecting Setup.exe located under the directory Adminlte or Admin2k located on the CD-ROM.

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