MAX1168BEEG+, АЦП, низкой мощности, 16 бит, 200 Квыборок/с, Однополярный, 4.75 В, 5.25 В, QSOP

PartNumber: MAX1168BEEG+
Ном. номер: 8028341086
Производитель: Maxim Semiconductor
MAX1168BEEG+, АЦП, низкой мощности, 16 бит ...
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The MAX1168BEEG+ is a multichannel, 16bit, 200Ksps analogue to digital converter in 24 pin QSOP package. This low power 16bit device feature a successive-approximation ADC, automatic power-down, integrated +4.096V reference and a high-speed SPI/QSPI/MICROWIRE compatible interface, this serial interface simplifies communication with microprocessors (µPs). It operate with a single +5V analogue supply and has a separate digital supply allowing direct interfacing with +2.7V to +5.5V digital logic. The device feature a scan mode that converts each channel sequentially or one channel continuously and it operate in two modes, external reference mode and internal reference mode. The External reference mode has two power modes normal mode and shutdown mode where as internal reference mode offers software programmable, power-down options. A DSPR input and DSPX output allow the device to communicate with digital signal processors (DSPs) with no external glue logic.

• Supply voltage range is 4.75V to 5.25V
• Operating temperature range from -40°C to 85°C
• Input voltage range from 0 to VREF
• Internal (+4.096V) or external (+3.8V to AVDD) reference
• Internal track/hold, 4MHz input bandwidth
• Internal or external clock, excellent dynamic performance and space saver
• 8-channel input Mux
• Low power of 3.6mA at 200Ksps, 1.85mA at 100Ksps, 185µA at 10Ksps and 0.6µA in full power-down mode
• Maximum relative accuracy (INL) is ±3LSB & differential nonlinearity (DNL ) is +1.75LSB
• Full-power bandwidth at -3dB point is 4MHz

Полупроводники - Микросхемы\Преобразование Сигналов и Данных\Аналого-цифровые Преобразователи - АЦП
Код: 2513432

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Octal 12-Bit SAR ADCs
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MSL 1 - Безлимитный

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Datasheet MAX1168BEEG+