MB-2 0, Snap-on Nylon 6 Orange Ca

PartNumber: MB-2 0
Ном. номер: 8002797354
Производитель: Kai Suh Suh Enterprise
MB-2 0, Snap-on Nylon 6 Orange Ca
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RS Snap on Nylon 66 Cable Marker MB-2 Mixed Packet
Snap-on UL approved, Nylon 6, Yellow Cable Markers. These clip-on cable markers can be used with different diameter cables and are easy to assembly as they can be applied before or after the wire has been connected, thanks to their fast Snap-On installation. The cable markers come with a clear and long lasting printing, which will not fade away easily.

UL approved
One size MB cable marker is suitable for different cable diameters
Fast, snap-on installation
High quality hot-foil stamped

С клипсой


Strips for wires, cables and tubes.
Labels for components, drawers, boxes etc.
Label strips and labels are easily removed from the card and placed on any dry surface without touching the adhesive.

Кабели и провода / Кабельные принадлежности, хомуты, стяжки и инструмент / Устройства для маркировки кабеля /
RS Black on Yellow Snap On Cable Marker, Pre-printed with 0, Pack of 100, 4 → 5mm

Технические параметры

Black on Yellow
Nylon 6
Affixing Method
Snap On
Maximum Cable Diameter
Minimum Cable Diameter

Дополнительная информация

MB-2 Data Sheet