MC9S08DZ32ACLF, Микроконтроллер 8 бит, встроенный CAN, S08D, 40 МГц, 32 КБ, 2 КБ, 48 вывод(-ов), LQFP

PartNumber: MC9S08DZ32ACLF
Ном. номер: 8082994436
Производитель: NXP Semiconductor
MC9S08DZ32ACLF, Микроконтроллер 8 бит ...
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The MC9S08DZ32ACLF is a 8-bit Embedded CAN Microcontroller based on enhanced HCS08 CPU (20MHz bus) with CISC architecture operates at a maximum frequency of 40MHz. The device incorporates 32kB internal flash, 2kB internal RAM, an analog comparator, a can, 16-channel 12-bit A/D converter and 40 general-purpose I/O pins. This device also features peripherals like multi-scalable controller area networks (MSCAN) CAN 2.0 A/B software compatible module, one inter-integrated circuit (IIC) bus module to operate at up to 100kbps, one serial peripheral interface modules (SPI), two serial communications interface (SCI) modules and real-time counter (RTC).

• HC08 Instruction set with added BGND instruction
• Support for up to 32 Interrupt/reset sources
• Two very low power stop modes
• Reduced power wait mode
• Very low power real time interrupt for use in run, wait and stop
• Loop-control Pierce oscillator (XOSC)
• Multi-purpose clock generator (MCG)
• Watchdog computer operating properly (COP) reset
• Low-voltage detection with reset or interrupt - selectable trip points
• Illegal opcode detection with reset
• Illegal address detection with reset
• Flash block protect
• Loss-of-lock protection
• MSCAN - CAN protocol version 2.0 A, B
• Two SCIs supporting LIN 2.0 protocol and SAE J2602 protocols
• 24 Interrupt pins with selectable polarity on each pin
• Hysteresis and configurable pull device on all input pins
• Configurable slew rate and drive strength on all output pins
• Single-wire background debug interface
• On-chip, in-circuit emulation (ICE) with real-time bus capture

Полупроводники - Микросхемы\Микроконтроллеры - MCU\8-битные Микроконтроллеры
Код: 2313214

Технические параметры

Серии Контроллера
Скорость ЦПУ
Размер Памяти
Размер Памяти RAM
Количество Выводов
Стиль Корпуса Микроконтроллера
Количество I/O
Тип Встроенного Интерфейса
Минимальное Напряжение Питания
Максимальное Напряжение Питания
Линия Продукции
S08 Microcontrollers
Уровень Чувствительности к Влажности (MSL)
MSL 3 - 168 часов

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet MC9S08DZ32ACLF