MCB1750UME, Оценочный комплект, LPC1758, Cortex M3, ULinkme, Cortex-M3, микроконтроллер 100МГц LPC1758 с USB

PartNumber: MCB1750UME
Ном. номер: 8112003195
Производитель: Keil
MCB1750UME, Оценочный комплект, LPC1758 ...
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MCB1750UME is a Keil MCB1700 evaluation boards with ULINK-ME debug adapter. Board enables to create and test working programs based on the NXP LPC1758 ARM Cortex-M3 processor based device. The prototyping area provides blocks for adding components and connecting address, data, and I/O ports. The NXP LPC1758 MCU provided with the board is a high end LPC17xx device with advanced ADC, CAN and USB capabilities. A 12MHz crystal provides the clock signal for the CPU. The JTAG Interface connector provides debugging and emulator support for the NXP LPC17xx device. The JTAG Interface allows application debugging and programming of on chip and off chip flash devices. The Cortex debug connector provides support for Serial Wire JTAG feature of the Cortex-M3 device. Board connects the on chip serial UART to ST3232, which converts logic signals to RS232 voltage level. ULINK-ME debug adapter connects PC's USB port to target system and allows to program and debug embedded programs on target hardware.

• 100MHz LPC1758 ARM Cortex-M3 processor based MCU in 80 pin LQFP
• On chip memory of 512KB flash & 64KB RAM
• 10/100 ethernet port
• USB 2.0 full speed, 2 CAN interfaces, 2 serial ports, SD/MMC card interface
• 5 position joystick and push button
• Analog voltage control for ADC input
• Amplifier and speaker
• 52 GPIO pins
• Debug interface: 20 pin JTAG, 10 pin Cortex debug, 20 pin Cortex debug + ETM trace

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Eval Board LPC1758, MDK-Lite Development Tool, Quickstart Guide, ULINK-ME Debug Adapter
100MHz LPC1758 MCU with USB

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