MCOB22005AX-EBP, OLED, 2x20, BLUE, wide te

PartNumber: MCOB22005AX-EBP
Ном. номер: 8073571769
Производитель: Midas Displays
MCOB22005AX-EBP, OLED, 2x20, BLUE, wide te
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Midas Character OLED Displays, COB
This series of Organic Light Emitting Displays (OLEDs), from Midas Displays, are chip-on-board (COB) character format OLEDs with passive technology. These easy-to-use OLED devices are made up of a PCB mounted with both the driver and the display. As an ideal, drop-in replacement for standard LCD character modules, the Midas COB OLEDs have a comparable footprint to LCD character display common board sizes. With their high brightness, high contrast and fast refresh levels, the graphic COB OLED displays are a seamless upgrade from standard LCD modules. The Midas OLEDs are available in a range of colour options including yellow, green, blue red and white, and are ideal for applications where a specific colour of display is required on a black background appearance (negative mode).

The Midas character COB OLEDs also boast an extremely wide viewing angle of up to 175°, creating a solution for applications where it is necessary for the display to be readable from all angles. These OLED devices also offer lower energy consumption than traditional LCD modules and a wide operating temperature range. Their low profile display height and interface comparable with HD44780 means the Midas COB OLEDs are suitable for a variety of traditional applications. Available in 8 to 40 character options on 2 lines, Midas' OLED displays offer 4 font sets on 1 device including English, Japanese, Western European and Cyrillic character fonts. The Midas COB OLED devices have a 5x8 dot matrix characters with a height of 5.50 to 5.57mm.

OLED Operating Lifetimes:
(Ta = 25° / Initial 50% checkboard brightness 40nits)
Yellow: 100.000 hours
Green: 100.000 hours
Red: 100.000 hours
Blue: 50.000 hours
White: 50.000 hours

Passive Matrix OLED Displays

Дисплеи и оптоэлектроника / Дисплеи и промышленные мониторы / Дисплеи на органических светодиодах /
Midas Blue Passive matrix OLED Display COB Parallel Interface

Технические параметры

116 x 37 x 9.5mm
максимальная рабочая температура
Minimum Operating Temperature
интервал рабочих температур
-40 → +80°C
Viewing Area Width
Display Colours
Interface Ports
Viewing Area Dimensions
75.52 x 13.52mm
Matrix Type
Contrast Ratio
10000: 1
Driver Mounting
Viewing Area Height

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