MFS1V1, Matter and Form Desktop 3

PartNumber: MFS1V1
Ном. номер: 8065545788
Производитель: Matter and Form Inc.
MFS1V1, Matter and Form Desktop 3
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Matter and Form 3D Scanner
Matter and Form the world's first truly affordable 3D scanner can now be yours. Make your ideas a reality and fast track the design process.

A moving HD camera head with dual lasers and a rotating platform makes scanning three-dimensional objects easy, fast and accurate. After a one-time set up, simply place an object on the scanner, click a button to scan and watch it go

Compact, Portable, Lightweight
One click watertight meshes
True 360゚ scans in a matter of minutes
Higher resolution scans may require several hours
Capture details as small as 0.43mm
Capture size within ±0.25mm
USB 2.0 high speed interface
Save to multiple formats, including; STL, and point cloud; PLY for superior compatibility

Designed to slide smoothly into your workspace. Keep your scanner and workspace neat and clean with an integrated case that protects both the turntable and the camera. Simply fold up the base when not in use. No other protective or storage case needed

Matter and Form 3D scanner works with all 3D printers

Matter and Form 3D Scanner
Power cable
USB cable
Calibration box
User manual
Product information booklet

3D Scanner

Компьютерная периферия / 3D принтеры, 3D сканеры и принадлежности / 3D сканеры /
Matter and Form Matter and Form 3D Scanner

Технические параметры

Размеры, Д х Ш х В
340.5 x 210 x 340.5mm
модель (макет)
Matter and Form
Output File Type
Detail Resolution
Maximum Object Weight
Scan Accuracy
Maximum Object Size Dia x H
180 x 250mm

Дополнительная информация

Desktop 3D Scanner Data Sheet