MHD45PPK9-DB9S-K, Dsub Socket and plastic h

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MHD45PPK9-DB9S-K, Dsub Socket and plastic h
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D-Sub Connector Kits with Angled Plastic Hoods
These Kits of MH Connectors D-Sub MHD45PPK Series are 45° angled UL94 V-0 ABS Polylac plastic backshells with either Pin or Socket connectors. The mating part of the stamped and formed contacts in these D-Sub DBxSx Series connectors are Gold plated with the Solder Bucket terminations being Tin plated.

The Kits comprise of:

Plug or Socket Connector with Solder Buckets
2 Backshell halves
2 4-40 Thumbscrews (except the 9 way which only has one on the none cable entry side)
2 Housing screws and 2 nuts
1 Set of compression inserts for 4, 5, 7 and 9 mm diameter cable (Note maximum cable diameter is 13 mm)

D-Sub Connector Kits - MH
A range of D-sub Kits which contain a connector, hood and associated screws and cable glands or clamps as specified.

'D' Sub-Miniature Connection System

The RS range of 'D' connectors and accessories is suitable for military, industrial or commercial applications, computer interfacing, etc. (For IDC 'D' type connectors refer to the Speedbloc range.)

Разъемы / Разъемы USB и D-Sub, компьютерные разъемы / D-sub разъемы: Комплекты /
Dsub Socket and plastic hood kit 9way

Технические параметры

материал корпуса
содержание комплекта
Hood, Inserts
тип комплекта
D-Sub Socket Connector Kit
число контактов
Body Orientation
45 °

Дополнительная информация

D-Sub Angled Plastic Hood in Kit - Drawing