MIKROE-1438, mikroBus add-on board Col

PartNumber: MIKROE-1438
Ном. номер: 8025962491
Производитель: mikroElektronika
MIKROE-1438, mikroBus add-on board Col
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Color click mikroBUS™
The Click accessory modules plug into the mikroBUS™ sockets in MikroElektronika microcontroller development boards. Color click™ offers a solution of adding colour sensing to your design. The accessory board features an RGB LED diode and the TCS3471 colour light sensor. The digital colour light sensor detects under various conditions and attenuation materials. The board has a 3.3 V power supply and is a good choice for RGB LED back lighting control. Other applications include colour temperature monitoring, medical diagnostic and industrial process control.

Click MikroBUS™ Boards Audio and Video Switches, New Japan Radio
MikroElektronika has designed a range of boards to add new functions and enhance the development of your applications using the mikroBUS™ pinout standard socket. All in one click!
Click™ boards can add a range of sensing, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, extra memory, UART communications, audio and much more functionality to your designs. Some boards also act as extensions for development platforms such as the Beaglebone, Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi.

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MikroBus add-on board Color Click RGBC

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