NBB75DFIB, Разъем РЧ / Коаксиальный, BNC Коаксиальный, Прямое Гнездо с Гайкой, 75 Ом, Латунь

PartNumber: NBB75DFIB
Ном. номер: 8079673836
Производитель: Neutrik
NBB75DFIB, Разъем РЧ / Коаксиальный ...
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The NBB75DFIB from Neutrik is an isolated BNC female chassis connector. It offers a true 75ohm design for serial and digital (HD) signals. The machined brass connector body provides an extremely rugged and non-abrasive connection over long term use. The chassis connector is well protected in a D shape housing made of zinc die-cast with black chrome plating. The isolated panel mount solves potential grounding problems and prevents common-mode influence with other connections conducted over the same panel ground potential.

• HD, SDI, video, AES/EBU, composite, YUV, RGB, RGBH, RGBHV signal types
• Brass with gold plated cage type centre contacts, PTFE insert and polyacetal (POM) shell
• Front mounting
• True 75ohm design meets the stringent HD requirements
• Greater than 1000 mating cycles
• Bayonett locking device
• Temperature range from -30°C to +85°C
• Standard D shape housing provides flush mounting and protection from damage
• Rated voltage is less than 50V
• Dielectric strength is 1.5KVDC

Разъемы\РЧ / Коаксиальные Разъемы и Аксессуары\РЧ Разъемы
Код: 4709573

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BNC Коаксиальный
Стиль Корпуса Разъема
Прямое Гнездо с Гайкой
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Контакты с Покрытием из Золота
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