OD8/13-NL, Nylon 11 torque disc,13mm

PartNumber: OD8/13-NL
Ном. номер: 8048261087
Производитель: Ruland
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Torque Discs
Nylon discs (resilient) - help dampen vibration and noise, Acetal discs (backlash-free) - designed for precise applications requiring zero backlash and higher torque capacity

Size 13 discs not suitable for use with clamp style couplings

Крестовые муфты Ruland Ruland Oldham Style Couplings
Paradrive™ couplings are ideal for motion control applications, especially those utilising stepper or servo motors. Their low inertia design is ideally suited to higher speed applications and where electrical isolation is also required. Small angular and axial misalignments may be accommodated.

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Ruland Oldham Couplings OD8/13-NL