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OM13046,598, Оценочная плата, Master, USB2DALI, CorteX-M3

PartNumber: OM13046,598
Ном. номер: 8023141371
Производитель: NXP Semiconductor
OM13046,598, Оценочная плата, Master ...
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OM13046.598 is a DALI master board, an example implementation for a USB enabled DALI controller, built using the LPC1343 microcontroller. The DALI master features a USB Human Interface Device (HID) interface, which means that no dedicated software driver needs to be installed on the host PC. The USB, GPIO and 32bit timer/counter of the LPC1343 MCU is the main hardware blocks used to implement the DALI master. The system is built around LPC1343 device, which is a Cortex-M3 running at frequencies of up to 72MHz. The software of the DALI master uses the USB HID software driver located in the boot ROM of the LPC134x. The software running on the DALI master does not incorporate a Real Time Operating System; this allows the memory footprint of the firmware to remain as small as possible.

• Four LEDs are provided for general purpose use
• An expansion header can be mounted to provide extra connections to the microcontroller
• DALI physical layer is isolated using optocouplers from the rest of the electronics
• Software can be built with LPCXpresso v4.1.0_190, and IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM v6.20.4
• Layout of the board 74mm x 34mm

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Код: 2249920

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