OPB680, Оптический датчик

Артикул: OPB680
Ном. номер: 9000144245
Производитель: Optek
OPB680, Оптический датчик
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The OPB680 is an Optical Flag Switch that consists of an infrared emitting diode in a molded plastic housing. The phototransistor has an enhanced low current roll-off that improves contrast ratio and immunity to background irradiance. A lever arm actuated flag interrupts the light beam and switches the output between states that can readily drive logic gates. This can be actuated by passing a paper sheet without damaging the paper's edge. Insertion into the punched side of metal is recommended.

• Phototransistor output
• Mechanical switch replacement
• Enhanced signal to noise ratio
• Printed PCB mounting
• Lever force options
• 3-pin Connector, 0.98" (2.5mm) mates with Molex 22-01-1032 and terminal #08-70-0069

Код: 491378

Технические параметры

Выход Датчика
Монтаж Датчика
Сквозное Отверстие
Прямой Ток
Обратное Напряжение Vr
Прямое Напряжение

Техническая документация

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Дополнительная информация

Datasheet OPB680