OPB822SD, Пропускающий фотопрерыватель, Фототранзистор, Панель / Шасси, 2.286 мм, 0.254 мм, 20 мА, 2 В

PartNumber: OPB822SD
Ном. номер: 8022395635
Производитель: Optek
OPB822SD, Пропускающий фотопрерыватель ...
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The OPB822SD series Slotted Switch consists of two infrared emitting diodes and two NPN silicon phototransistors mounted on opposite sides of a 0.090" (2.29mm) wide slot. OPB822 uses a side-by-side mounting configuration. OPB822SD has the aperture in front of both phototransistors and both emitters. Dual channels enable direction of travel sensing. With the low-cost plastic housing reduces possible interference from ambient light and provides protection from dust and dirt. Phototransistor switching occurs when an opaque object passes through the device slot.

• Non-contact switching
• Single or double apertures for high resolution
• Choice of slot widths
• Choice of side-by-side or over/under dual channels
• Choice of electrical outputs

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Код: 1497924

Технические параметры

Выход Датчика
Монтаж Датчика
Панель / Шасси
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Ширина Апертуры
Прямой Ток
Обратное Напряжение Vr
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OPB822SD Series

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Datasheet OPB822SD