OPF482, Photodiode, 100 pA, 860 nm, ST-Tall-3

PartNumber: OPF482
Ном. номер: 8063195600
Производитель: Optek
OPF482, Photodiode, 100 pA, 860 nm, ST-Tall-3
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The OPF482 is a low noise Silicon PIN Photodiode. The fibre optic detector offers fast response at moderate bias and is compatible with LED and laser diode sources in the 800 to 1000nm wavelength region. Low capacitance improves signal to noise performance in typical short haul LAN applications. It is designed to be compatible with multimode optical fibres from 50/125 to 200/300 microns.

• High speed, low capacitance
• Popular ST® style receptacle
• Pre-tested with fibre to assure performance
• Component pre-mounted and ready to use
• 100MHz Operation minimum

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