PAA-21Y / 2.5BAR / 81554.33 / 0-5V, Датчик Давления, -40 до 100°C, Напряжение, 2.5 бар, Абсолютный, 28 В DC, G1/4 (1/4" BSP)

PartNumber: PAA-21Y / 2.5BAR / 81554.33 / 0-5V
Ном. номер: 8057760767
Производитель: KELLER
PAA-21Y / 2.5BAR / 81554.33 / 0-5V ...
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The PAA-21Y / 2.5BAR / 81554.33 / 0-5V is a Y-line Piezo-resistive Pressure Transmitter has an extremely small temperature error. This is achieved using an additional circuit containing a temperature sensor that subdivides the temperature range into fields that are 1.5K wide. The TK zero and TK compensation values are calculated for each field and programmed into the additional circuit. During operation, these values are fed into the analogue signal path depending on the temperature. Each temperature is the calibration temperature for this transmitter. The accuracy thereof is mainly determined by linearity. The wider the temperature range, the greater the amount of testing that is needed to minimize the inaccuracy. The device is calibrated over the entire temperature and pressure range in systems with up to 1000 measuring stations. It is welded into the required transmitter head, equipped with electronics and calibrated over the entire temperature and pressure range.

• M12 connectors
• Extreme ruggedness
• High insulation voltage of 300V
• Extremely immune to external voltages between the housing and the electrical connection

Датчики и Преобразователи\Датчики\Переключатели и Датчики Давления
Код: 2253622

Технические параметры

Выход Датчика
Максимальное Рабочее Давление
Тип Измерения Давления
Номинальное Напряжение
28В DC
Стиль Порта
G1/4 (1/4" BSP)
Максимальное Напряжение Питания DC
28 В
Максимальное Давление
2.5 бар
Минимальное Рабочее Давление
0 бар
Материал Корпуса
Нержавеющая Сталь
Тип Давления
0.5 %
Тип Датчика Давления
Piezoresistive Transmitter

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet PAA-21Y / 2.5BAR / 81554.33 / 0-5V