PAQR1209-10 (RS5), Nylon strt adaptor PG9 fo

PartNumber: PAQR1209-10 (RS5)
Ном. номер: 8038138285
Производитель: Kai Suh Suh Enterprise
PAQR1209-10 (RS5), Nylon strt adaptor PG9 fo
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Easy Type Flexible Conduit Adaptor PG Thread
One piece design, easy and fast installation without the need for a tool.

Step 1: Insert the conduit into the adaptor
Step 2: Push lock out
Step 3: Turn it round for locking
Adaptor with PG9 thread RS 755-0957 suitable for use with 16mm conduit RS stock no. 755-9004
Adaptor with PG21 thread RS 755-9051 suitable for use with 20mm conduit RS stock no. 755-9007
Adaptor with PG21 thread RS 755-9060 suitable for use with 25mm conduit RS stock no. 755-9001
Adaptor with PG29 thread RS 755-9063 suitable for use with 32mm conduit RS stock no. 755-9010

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RS Flexible Metal Conduit & Fittings

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RS Adapter Cable Conduit Fitting, Nylon 66 16mm nominal size

Технические параметры

тип крепления
Nylon 66
номинальный размер

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