PC.35, Panel support clamp

PartNumber: PC.35
Ном. номер: 8009994356
Производитель: Elesa-Clayton
PC.35, Panel support clamp
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Panel Support Clamp
Panel support clamps for use within structural systems. The clamp can be used to directly on panels with a thickness of between 3.1mm and 4mm. For use on panels with a higher thickness of up to 8mm spacers need to be inserted into the clamp.

Max load of clamp is 100N

RS Structural System Profile Accessories
RS Structural System Profile Accessories include Cube Connectors, T-slot Nuts, Ball Catches, Turn Locks, Self Tapping Screws, Earthing Terminals, Cover Caps, and many other items. RS Structural System Profile Accessories are entirely compatible with Item Profile 6 and Profile 8 structural system components. RS Profile accessories are suitable for general workplace furniture system construction, offering light-weight, strong, easily interchangeable elements for a variety of profile types. The RS Structural System Profile Accessories form part of a modular system of components that may be constructed to form a wide variety of furniture structures, such as guarding enclosures, work benches, general enclosures, and other workplace fixtures.

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Elesa-Clayton Panel Accessory Panel Support Clamp,

Технические параметры

тип соединителя
Panel Support Clamp
Fibreglass Reinforced PA
Product Family
Product System
Structural Element Type
Panel Accessory

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PC Panel Support Clamp Data Sheet