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PCA9515APW, Специализированный интерфейс, I2C, Последовательный, SMBus, I2C Шина и SMBus Системные Применения

PartNumber: PCA9515APW
Ном. номер: 8031103071
Производитель: Texas Instruments
PCA9515APW, Специализированный интерфейс ...
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The PCA9515APW is a dual-channel bidirectional I²C Buffer is operational at 2.3 to 3.6-V VCC. It is a BiCMOS integrated circuit intended for I²C bus and SMBus systems applications. The device contains two identical bidirectional open-drain buffer circuits that enable I²C and similar bus systems to be extended without degradation of system performance. It buffers both the serial data (SDA) and serial clock (SCL) signals on the I²C bus, while retaining all the operating modes and features of the I²C system. This enables two buses of 400pF bus capacitance to be connected in an I²C application. The I²C bus capacitance limit of 400pF restricts the number of devices and bus length. Using this buffer enables the system designer to isolate two halves of a bus, accommodating more I²C devices or longer trace lengths. It has an active-high enable (EN) input with an internal pull-up, which allows the user to select when the repeater is active.

• Active-high repeater-enable input
• Lock-up free operation
• Powered-OFF high-impedance I²C-bus pins
• Accommodates standard-mode and fast-mode I²C devices and multiple masters

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Код: 1755119

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Тип Интерфейса ИС
I2C, Последовательный, SMBus
Применения Интерфейсов
I2C Шина и SMBus Системные Применения
Стиль Корпуса Интерфейса