PEX4S553B, 4 Port RS232 PCI Express

PartNumber: PEX4S553B
Ном. номер: 8022348884
Производитель: STARTECH
PEX4S553B, 4 Port RS232 PCI Express
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4 Port RS232 PCI Express Serial Card
StarTech PEX4S553B 4-Port PCI Express Serial Card (with breakout cable) lets you add 4 RS232 serial ports using a single PCIe expansion slot, with an included 1-to-4 cable enabling you to add 4 serial ports to a single low profile slot.
The serial card features a native single-chip design that provides optimum reliability and speed, reducing the CPU load by up to 48% over conventional bridge-chip serial cards - a cost-effective solution for connecting legacy serial devices to PCIe-enabled computers.
The multi-port serial adapter includes both full profile and low profile/half-height brackets for compatibility with
standard and small form factor computers, and is compatible with a broad range of operating systems, including Windows®, Linux, and MAC OS.

Native single chip design
Includes a full profile and low profile/half-height bracket
On chip 256-byte depth FIFO in transmit/receive path of each port
Single-Lane (x1) PCI-Express with throughput up to 2.5Gbps
Supports hardware and software flow control
Supports re-map function for legacy ports (Supported OS's only)
Supports data transfer rates up to 250Kbps on each port
Compliant with PCI Express base specifications revision 1.0a
Automated out-of-band flow control using CTS/RTS and DSR/DTR


Entertainment (video lottery terminals, slot machines, gaming systems)
Environmental Control (lighting, temperature, clocks)
ISDN Networking

PCI ExpressCards RS-232
PCI Express (PCIe) is a serial I/O technology that has been designed to deliver significantly more data than the existing PCI standard, with a transfer rate of 2.5Gb/s in each direction per lane. PCIe is expected to replace PCI on all new personal computers to the end of this year. Initially, personal computers will have both PCI and PCIe slots available. Drivers for all popular operating systems including Windows 7.

Компьютерная периферия / Сети и передача данных / Платы последовательных интерефейсов /
Startech 4 port D-sub, 9 Pin, RS232 PCI Express Serial Board, 230.4kbit/s

Технические параметры

размер буфера FIFO
256 B
PCI Express
максимальная скорость передачи
число портов
только новые товары

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PEX4S553B Data Sheet
Instruction Manual