PFS7328H, PFC CONTROLLER, 10.2V-13.2V, ESIP-13

PartNumber: PFS7328H
Ном. номер: 8115845922
Производитель: Power Integrations
PFS7328H, PFC CONTROLLER, 10.2V-13.2V, ESIP-13
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The PFS7328H is a high power Factor Controller with integrated high-voltage MOSFET and Qspeed™ diode. It eliminate the PFC converter's need for external current sense resistors, the power loss associated with those components and leverages an innovative control technique that adjusts the switching frequency over output load, input line voltage and even input line cycle. This control technique is designed to maximize efficiency over the entire load range of the converter, particularly at light loads. Additionally, this control technique significantly minimizes the EMI filtering requirements due to its wide bandwidth spread spectrum effect. It features an integrated non-linear amplifier for enhanced load transient response, user programmable power good signal as well as user selectable power limit functionality. HiperPFS-2 includes Power Integrations' standard set of comprehensive protection.

• Accurate built-in brown-in/out protection
• Accurate built-in undervoltage (UV) protection
• Accurate built-in overvoltage (OV) protection
• Hysteretic thermal shutdown (OTP)
• Internal power limiting function for overload protection
• Cycle-by-cycle power switch current limit
• No external current sense required
• Provides lossless internal sensing via sense-FET
• Reduces component count and system losses
• Minimizes high current gate drive loop area
• Lower boost inductance
• Provides up to 425W peak output power
• Eliminates insulating pad/heat-spreader
• Lossless internal current sense reduces component count and system losses

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