PFS7533H, AC/DC Converter 280W- eS

PartNumber: PFS7533H
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Производитель: Power Integrations
PFS7533H, AC/DC Converter 280W- eS
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HiperPFS series PFC Controller AC-DC Converters
The HiperPFS-2 & HiperPFS-3 families of AC-DC converters from Power Integrations embody a high level of circuit integration and include a continuous conduction mode (CCM) boost PFC controller, gate driver, ultra-low reverse recovery diode and high-voltage power MOSFET in a compact SIP package. The devices are able to provide near unity input power factor over a wide range of load currents together with>95% efficiency from 10% load to full load.

AC-DC Converters, Power Integrations

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Power Integrations PFS7533H, AC-DC Converter, 385 V dc, 13-Pin, eSIP-16D

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