PM0415E, Straight connector,15 x 1

PartNumber: PM0415E
Ном. номер: 8006248174
Производитель: John Guest
PM0415E, Straight connector,15 x 1
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410 × = 1 230
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Straight Connector

система с кольцевым зазором Air Ring Main System

The John Guest system of push-in fittings and pipe, designed for use with air, provide the ideal connection from compressor receiver to air line service components through to complete ring main and take off points.

No need to prepare threaded pipe or apply solvent
Easy and quick to install, simple push-in connections
Safe, secure and leak-proof, ready for immediate use
Unique collet locking system holds tube firmly without deformation or flow restriction
Easy to disconnect and reconfigure the system
Instruction leaflet included

Temperature Range 0 to + 70°C
Working Pressure @ +23°C = 10 bar (145 psi)
Working pressure @ +70°C = 7 bar (101 psi)
Pipe tolerances: +0.05 to -0.10mm OD
Material, pipe: rigid (unplasticised) Nylon 12
Material, fittings: bodies engineering plastic (black acetal copolymer) or brass
'O' Rings: Nitrile rubber
Collets: acetal polymer with stainless steel teeth

Водопровод и трубопровод / Фитинги для труб и аксессуары / ПВХ и АБС фитинги с плотной посадкой /
JG Speedfit PVC & ABS Push Fit Fitting POM Straight Coupler, 15mm od

Технические параметры

тип крепления
Compatible Pipe Size 2
Fitting Direction
Compatible Pipe Size 1

Дополнительная информация

WRAS 0202102
P Range Equal Straight Connectors Data Sheet
V10855 Air Ring Main system