PN-DESIGNKIT-1, Комплект разработчика, 2x TVS Diode Arrays: CDSOT236-0504C

PartNumber: PN-DESIGNKIT-1
Ном. номер: 8033448487
Производитель: Bourns
PN-DESIGNKIT-1, Комплект разработчика ...
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The PN-DESIGNKIT-1 is the PortNote design kit for Ethernet ESD protection. The PortNote design kit is a selection of assorted circuit protection items conveniently packaged for easy access in a plastic box with bin guide. The PortNote solutions provide protection recommendations for typical port threats. Each PortNote solutions circuit protection design kit provides a simple, single page guide with essential information to provide an effective solution known to work in most typical applications. Information provided includes objectives, part numbers, compliance, schematics and much more. Ethernet interfaces are 2V digital signals operating on a 125MHz clock. This solution provides ESD protection commonly required in indoor, short cable applications where ESD is the primary threat.

• Compliance to IEC 61000-4-2 level 4 (8KV/15KV)
• This solution provides ESD protection without impairing the Ethernet signal

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Код: 1845797

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2x TVS Diode Arrays: CDSOT236-0504C

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