PRDIM, LED Power Repeater,4-Ch 4

PartNumber: PRDIM
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Производитель: Sunpower
PRDIM, LED Power Repeater,4-Ch 4
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PRDIM 4 Channel LED Power Repeater
The PRDIM LED power repeater module, from PowerLED, allows one controller to control multiple connections. This allows an increased number of LED strips to be powered from one LED driver. With 4 x 3A output channels the PRDIM LED power repeater can be used with both RGB and single colour LED flexi strips and is suitable for domestic, commercial and retail internal lighting applications such as: accent lighting, mood lighting, cove lighting, under cabinet lighting, decorative lighting and display cabinet lighting.

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PowerLED PRDIM LED Power Repeater For Use With DALI, DMX, Push & CV Series Power LED Dimmer

Технические параметры

Accessory Type
LED Power Repeater
для использования с
DALI, DMX, Push & CV Series Power LED Dimmer

Дополнительная информация

PowerLED LED Dimming and Control Datasheet