Q3AC-35, Термоизолятор, Q-Pad 3, .005", 12" x 12" лист, Полимерный Эластомер, Загруженный Граф

PartNumber: Q3AC-35
Ном. номер: 8032562639
Производитель: Bergquist
Q3AC-35, Термоизолятор, Q-Pad 3, .005" ...
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The Q3AC-35 is a 0.005-inch glass-reinforced grease replacement thermal interface Q-Pad 3 Material which eliminates problems associated with thermal grease such as contamination of electronic assemblies and reflow solder baths. The TO-220 Q-Pad 3 may be installed prior to soldering and cleaning without worry. When clamped between two surfaces, the elastomer conforms to surface textures thereby creating an air-free interface between heat-generating components and heat sinks. Fibreglass reinforcement enables Q-Pad 3 to withstand processing stresses without losing physical integrity. It also provides ease of handling during application.

• UL94V-0 Flammability rating
• Eliminates processing constraints typically associated with grease
• Conforms to surface textures
• Easy to handle
• May be installed prior to soldering and cleaning without worry

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Код: 2097549

Технические параметры

Материал Корпуса Изолятора
Полимерный Эластомер, Загруженный Графитом
Объемное Удельное Сопротивление

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