R067024040, Super Ball Bushing 0670 4

PartNumber: R067024040
Ном. номер: 8001500840
Производитель: Bosch Rexroth
R067024040, Super Ball Bushing 0670 4
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Super Ball Bushings with Seals - Series R0670 & R0671
The Super-Linear Bushing has a built-in inertial error compensator, that compensates for the angle between the housing and shaft up to 0.5 degrees tilt without reducing the capacity due to angular pressure. Possible causes for internal errors include shaft flex due to heavy loads or inaccuracies in the connecting construction. The self-adjustment ensures effortless lead-in of the bearings into the loaded zone and even load distribution over the entire bearing row. The result is unparalleled smooth motion and a very high load capacity for the Linear Bushing.

Bosch Rexroth Linear Ball Bushings and Sets

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Bosch Rexroth Linear Ball Bearing R067024040

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