R141753000W, Solder BNC skt-skt bulkhe

PartNumber: R141753000W
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Производитель: Radiall
R141753000W, Solder BNC skt-skt bulkhe
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Standard - BNC Series_5100737_Normal Module BNC connectors

Series of BNC connectors for all types of BNC-BNC adaptation.

Recommended operating frequency - 50 Ω: 0 → 4 GHz
- 75 Ω: 0-1 GHz
R.O.S. - 1.3 max. at 3 GHz (straight models)
- 1.35 max. at 3 GHz (angled models)
Insertion losses - 0.2 dB at 3 GHz (straight models)
- 0.3 dB at 3 GHz (angled models)
H.F. leakages: –55 dB rated from 2 dB at 3 GHz
Insulation resistance: 5000 MΩ rated
Max. service voltage: 500 V eff. (on the ground)
Endurance: 500 operations
Operating temperature: –65°C to +165 °C

Radiall BNC RF Coaxial Connectors
Brass -bodied connectors with PTFE insulators, and gold plated brass centre contacts. Certain connectors are available in both crimp and clamp braiding options and bulkhead sockets. A commercial range of BNC plugs and bulkhead sockets is available in bulk packs of 100. These have a different specification to the standard Radiall range. See the respective details in the technical specification table below.

Crimp tooling
Cable TypeUse crimp tool (s)
R58, RG59, RG174 848-391, 848-436
RG179 848-391 plus die set 282-3502
RG12 241-8380

Radiall Standard RangeRadiall 'Commercial' (Bulk)
Working voltage500VBody materialDiecast zinc
Proof voltage1.5KVBody platingNickel
Insulation resistance5GΩminContact resistance10mΩ
Frequency ramgedc → 4GHz (50Ω) dc → 1GHz (75Ω)Frequency rangedc → 1.5 GHz
Climatic characteristics40/155/21
Centre impact resistance2mΩ max
Outer conductor resistance0.2Ω max

Разъемы / Радиочастотные и коаксиальные разъемы / Радиочастотные и коаксиальные переходники /
Straight 50Ω RF Adapter BNC Female Female 4GHz

Технические параметры

материал контактов
Beryllium Copper
покрытие контактов
Gold over Nickel
рабочая частота
Body Orientation
Adapter Type
BNC Socket to BNC Socket
Adapter Type A
Gender A
Gender B

Дополнительная информация

Female-Female Bulkhead Adaptor Data Sheet