R19-045-01-0032210LL, GoldPt SMA plug/jack adap

PartNumber: R19-045-01-0032210LL
Ном. номер: 8033985593
Производитель: Chin Nan Precision Electronics
R19-045-01-0032210LL, GoldPt SMA plug/jack adap
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Plug/jack adaptor

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Позолоченные - RS Gold Plated - RS
SMA Connectors for semi-rigid and flexible cables.,

SMA Solder (Semi-rigid cable)

For use with semi-rigid coaxial cable
Designed to provide high frequency performance at high power ratings in small diameters
Stud contact types are provided in both captive and non-captive forms
Connectors available for the two most commonly used microwave cables, RG402/U and RG405/U

SMA Crimp (Flexible cable)

Used with a variety of flexible RF cables
Suitable for design and development work and where large quantity usage requires repeatability in performance
Available in non-captive contact form for optimum electrical performance
Assembly is acheived by soldering the centre contact and crimping braid and outer sleeve

SMA Clamp (Flexible cable)

Pressure sleeve clamp versions for use with flexible cables
Captive contacts ensure correct positioning and mating
Ideal for field service applications

Working voltage450Vdc or ac (peak)VSWR1.07 + 0.07 x f(GHz)
Proof voltage1500Vdc or ac (peak)Insertion loss0.04 x √f(GHz) dB
Frequency rangeDC to 18GHz (semi-rigid cable)
DC to 12.4GHz (braided cable
and elbow connectors)
Phase repeatability±3° after 1000 mating cycles

Crimp tooling
Cable TypeUse crimp tool (s)

SMA series, connectors SMA series connectors

SMA connectors for a wide variety of cable sizes, with different types of fastenings and assembly configurations.

electrical specifications for SMA
Operating voltage450V DC or AC (peak)
Test voltage1.500V DC or AC (peak)
Voltage standing wave ratio
(VSWR) (f = freq. in GHz)
(figures indicated for straight connectors)1.07+0.008f (semi-rigid cable)
1.20+0.03f (braided cable)
Frequency marginfrom DC up to 18GHz (semi-rigid cable)
from DC up to 1GHz (braided cable and elbow connectors)

Разъемы / Радиочастотные и коаксиальные разъемы / Радиочастотные и коаксиальные переходники /
Straight RF Adapter SMA Plug to SMA Socket 18GHz

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рабочая частота
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SMA Plug to SMA Socket
Adapter Type A
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