RASPBERRY PI A+, Raspberry Pi Model

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RASPBERRY PI A+, Raspberry Pi Model
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Raspberry Pi A+ Computer Board
The Raspberry Pi A+ is an upgraded version of the Pi A and can help you learn about programming and computing or you can create exciting, innovative projects. The A+ does not have an internet connection however, if you looking for a smaller, lighter, more economical Pi board then the A+ is ideal.

Why Pi?
∙It's low-cost
∙It's really easy to use
∙It's Linux-based open source, with access to free software and downloads to help you with your project
∙There's a great Pi community out there — check out DesignSpark, RS's own design engineer community
∙It's flexible to the user. Want to play games? Do your homework? Create a weather station? Create a home security camera? No limits.

So why Pi A+?
∙Tidier layout for improved cable arrangement
∙40 General Purpose Input/Output Pins (GPIO) compared to 26 on the Pi A
∙Improved audio quality
∙Push-push microSD card slot
∙Lower power consumption. Switching power regulators reduce the power consumption to between 0.5 W and 1 W

The A+ board has also been designed with add-on boards in mind. This means that you can be more flexible with your projects and add the functionality that you need.
A Hardware Attached on Top (HAT) board enables the A+ to automatically configure GPIO and driver setup for compatibility with any add-on boards.

Note: HAT boards are not backwards compatible

Essentials to get started;
∙screen (to set-up your Pi and start creating! )
∙keyboard (to interact with your Pi)
∙mouse (to navigate your Pi)
∙SD card (to install an operating system)
∙HDMI/RCA connection (to connect to your screen)
∙power supply

Getting Started Guide

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Raspberry Pi A+

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Raspberry Pi A+

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