RD4247MAG3110, Комплект разработчика для 3-осевого 3D магнитометра MAG3110FC высокой производительности

PartNumber: RD4247MAG3110
Ном. номер: 8073914231
Производитель: NXP Semiconductor
RD4247MAG3110, Комплект разработчика для ...
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The RD4247MAG3110 is a development Kit for MAG3110FC three axis high performance, high functionality 3D magnetometer. This kit provides hardware and software for demonstrating the capability of the MAG3110 three axis digital magnetometer in an eCompass application with hard and soft iron calibration. The MAG3110 is a small, low power digital 3D magnetic sensor with a wide dynamic range to allow operation in PCBs with high extraneous magnetic fields. This magnetometer measures the three components of the local magnetic field which will be the sum of the geomagnetic field and the magnetic field created by components on the circuit board. Used in conjunction with a three axis accelerometer, orientation independent accurate compass heading information can be achieved. The MAG3110 features a standard I2C serial interface and is capable of measuring local magnetic fields up to 10Gauss with output data rates (ODR) up to 80Hz.

• Easily evaluate and demonstrate sensor functionality
• Unified architecture with the same GUI software
• Plug and play
• Flexible with a variety of boards that fit together
• Can quickly demonstrate all sensor types
• Demonstrates each sensor type (acceleration, pressure, touch) on a common platform
• Customizable plug-and-play
• Single software install reduces complexity and improves reliability
• Consistent sensor platform
• Demonstrates end application capabilities

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Код: 1893345

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Обнаружение - Движение, Вибрация, Шок
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Accel & Magneto I/F, MAG3110 & MMA8451 Daugh, LFSTBUSB Coms, USB Cable & User Guide
LFSTBUSB for Communication to PC, MAG3110FC & MMA8451Q for System Calibration

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