RJF 71 G, RJ45 Jam nut

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RJF 71 G, RJ45 Jam nut
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RJ Field Series Plug & Socket Assemblies

Mechanical coding/polarization (4 positions)
The plug connects into a receptacle using a fast turn bayonet coupling mechanism (MIL-C26482 type)
IP67 rating
Resistance to salt spray: Nickel plating 48h, Black coating> 96h, Olive Drab Cadmium> 500h

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The RJ Field system allows you to use a standard RJ45 cordset in harsh environments.
The patented system provides metallic shock-resistant plug and receptacle housings, which are rated to IP67 against the ingress of fluid and dust.
No tools are required for the assembly of the cordset into the housings.
The housings employ a 1/4 bayonet coupling mechanism (as MIL-C-26482 type), providing an 'audible and visual' coupling.
On the receptacles a female RJ45 is soldered to a PCB allowing for the back termination of another RJ45 connector or cordset.

The RJ Field 'TV' series connector system is complementary to its sister system that conforms to MIL-C-26482. The principle of the system is the same, in that it allows the connection of a RJ45 cordset, in a manner that it may cope with harsh or difficult environments.
The 'TV' series are supplied in an olive-drab finish, and offers a resistance to salt spray corrosion in excess of 500 hours.
The MIL-DTL-38999 connector employs a Tri-Start thread coupling mechanism, which has an anti-coupling device, and are ideal for use within applications where shock and vibration may be significant factors.
Typical applications may be in transportation, mobile in-field systems and communication equipment.
They have an IP67 rating, and have fire retardance/low smoke ratings of UL94-V0, and NF F 16 101 7 16 102. Cordset shielding and EMI protection are maintained through the receptacles by virtue of plated shells and conductive mating surfaces.

A free plug assembly for the connection of a standard RJ45 cordset. This will connect to the two panel mount receptacles referred to below
A socket-through-socket panel mount receptacle for the connection of the free plug assembly. This is a square flange receptacle with four fixing holes
A socket-through-socket receptacle for the connection of the free plug assembly. This is a jam nut receptacle with hexagonal nut fixing

Note: The free plugs are available in plastic gland or metal gland options. The use of a cable with reinforced jacket is recommended to fully optimise an installation - see 'Harsh Environment LAN Cables' in the Cables section.

The RJ Field series has been further complemented with the addition of the RJ Field 'EZ' and RJ Field '544' series. The 'EZ' series connects into a receptacle using a quick user-friendly lever coupling system, whilst the '544' series connects to a receptacle using a quick and easy Push Pull coupling mechanism. They are better suited to harsher environmental conditions and are mostly aimed at Factory Automation and Telecom applications.

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RJ45 Jam nut

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