RSEFK180/4, Fuse kit 6.3X32 fast and

PartNumber: RSEFK180/4
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Производитель: Siba
RSEFK180/4, Fuse kit 6.3X32 fast and
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Fuse Kit 6.3x32 Fast and Slow Glass 250V
RS Brand Fuse Kits offer a range of great fuses in a handy segmented box suitable for protection from a variety of different currents. Offered in this kit are both fast and slow blow glass fuses.

Replacement fuses are available from RS, the part numbers are detailed on the lid of the Fuse Kit.

Fuse Kits Video, New Japan Radio

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Fuse kit 6.3X32 fast and slow Glass 250v

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RS Fuse Kit Datasheet RSEFK180/4
RS Fuse Kit Datasheet