SACC-DSI-M12FS- 8CON-M16/0,5, Разъем Кабеля, Sensors and Actuators

PartNumber: SACC-DSI-M12FS-8CON-M16/0,5
Ном. номер: 8120840136
Производитель: Phoenix Contact
SACC-DSI-M12FS- 8CON-M16/0,5, Разъем Кабеля ...
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The SACC-DSI-M12FS-8CON-M16/0.5 is a 8-position M12 A-coded sensor/actuator Flush-type Socket with individual wires connection. It has gold-plated CuZn contacts and a PA 66 (polyamide 66) contact carrier. Standard pin assignments and coding for signal, data and power transmission with uniform design-in design.

• Pre-assembled with litz wires for immediate use
• Sealed on the litz wire side for optimum leak-tightness
• For high transmission safety - Shield connection to the housing with optional EMC nut
• SPEEDCON fast locking system reduces cabling times
• Nickel-plated zinc die-cast knurls
• TPE conductor insulation
• 2A Rated current at 40°C
• 30V Rated voltage
• 0.8kV Rated surge voltage
• >=100MR Insulation resistance
• 0.25mm² Conductor cross section
• IP65 and IP67 Protection

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Sensors and Actuators
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