SF-30 SUS, Anti Vibration Stud Mount

PartNumber: SF-30 SUS
Ном. номер: 8024304975
Производитель: Geltec Co Ltd
SF-30 SUS, Anti Vibration Stud Mount
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Insulator SF 5 to 10 Series
SF series to be used in compression only applications. These mounts have a plate at the bottom instead of a bolt.

Compression Dampens to a Lower Frequency than Rubber and Neoprene Mounts
Also Absorbs Shock and Reduces Noise
Base Mounting with Top Stud Fixing
Dampens Vibrations on Four Legged Subject Load from 5kg up to 50kg
Extremely Strong Bond Between Metal Parts and Silicon
Excellent for Outdoor Use
Ideal for Vacuum Pumps, Precision Equipment, Measuring Applications, On-Board Computers and Other Sensitive Electronic Equipment
Not Suitable for Applications Involving Uneven Loads, Angular Loading, Twisting, Tensile or Shearing Loads

TypeOptimum Load (kg/4 legs)Resonance point (Hz)Resonance magnification (dB)Recom. Frequency (Hz)Stock no.
SF-25 to 1316 to 151223474-868
SF-513 to 3013 to 1113 to 1218474-886
SF-1030 to 5014 to 1213 to 1220474-880

Height h (mm)22
Top plate Dia. (mm)30
Bottom plate W x L (mm)36 x 60
Stud length (mm)18
Stud threadM6
Fixing centres (mm)45
Fixing hole W x L (mm)4.2 x 6

A bag contains 1 item

Silicone Low Frequency Mounts

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Taica SF-30 SUS Stud Mount M10 Male Only Alpha Gel, Rubber

Технические параметры

Alpha Gel, Rubber
максимальная рабочая температура
Minimum Operating Temperature
полная высота
размер резьбы
Male Only
Iron, SUS304

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet SF-30 SUS