SI8712CC-B-IP, Цифровой изолятор, 1 канал, 60 нс, 3 В, 30 В, DIP, 8 вывод(-ов)

PartNumber: SI8712CC-B-IP
Ном. номер: 8005372059
Производитель: Silicon Laboratories
SI8712CC-B-IP, Цифровой изолятор, 1 канал ...
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The Si87xx series Isolator with pin-compatible, one-channel, drop-in replacements for popular optocouplers with data rates up to 15Mbps. SI8712AD-B-IM is a LED Emulator Input Open Collector Output Isolator for popular optocouplers with data rates up to 15Mbps. These devices isolates high-speed digital signals and offer performance, reliability and flexibility advantages not available with optocoupler solutions. It is based on Silicon Labs' proprietary CMOS isolation technology for low-power and high-speed operation and are resistant to the wear-out effects found in optocouplers that degrade performance with increasing temperature, forward current and device age. As a result, the Si87xx series longer service life and dramatically higher reliability compared to optocouplers.

• Pin-compatible, drop-in upgrades for popular high speed opto-coupled gate drivers
• Resistant to temperature, age and forward current effects
• 10x Lower FIT rate for longer service life
• Lower power and forward input diode current
• One channel diode emulator input
• Data rates dc to 15Mbps
• Up to 5000VRMS isolation and 10kV surge protection
• >50kV/µs Typical higher common-mode transient immunity

Полупроводники - Микросхемы\Драйверы и Интерфейсы\Изоляторы
Код: 2423392

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1 канал
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Si87xx Series
Уровень Чувствительности к Влажности (MSL)
MSL 3 - 168 часов

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Datasheet SI8712CC-B-IP