SMP2-URC, Red LED,PLCC2,625nm,700mc

PartNumber: SMP2-URC
Ном. номер: 8000544584
Производитель: Bivar
SMP2-URC, Red LED,PLCC2,625nm,700mc
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Bivar SMP2 Series LEDs
The SMP2 series, from Bivar, are in the industry standard PLCC-2 package. They offer a high luminous intensity alongside a wide viewing angle in a variety of colour options. The SMP2 LEDs have a compact, low profile package which is ideal for applications where space is limited. The PLCC-2 package is also robust and therefore suitable for use in a variety of environmental conditions. With long life reliability and low power consumption, the SMP2 series of LEDs are suitable for use in battery power equipment. Other suitable applications include illumination, general indication and backlighting. The SMP2 LEDs can also be used in clusters for high luminous applications.

Visible Light LEDs, Bivar

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Bivar SMP2-URC, SMP2 Series Red LED, 632 nm, PLCC 2 SMD Package

Технические параметры

3.5 x 2.8 x 2mm
цвет линз
Интенсивность свечения
700 mcd
тип монтажа
Surface Mount
число выводов
тип упаковки
Number of LEDs
Viewing Angle
120 °
Dominant Wavelength
632 nm
LED Material
Forward Voltage
2.4 V
Lens Shape
LED Colours

Дополнительная информация

Red LED, PLCC2.625nm, 700mcd, 120deg SMP2-URC
Red LED, PLCC2.625nm, 700mcd, 120deg