SN65LBC184P, Дифференциальный приемопередатчик с функцией подавления скачков напряжения

Артикул: SN65LBC184P
Ном. номер: 119174779
Производитель: Texas Instruments
SN65LBC184P, Дифференциальный приемопередатчик с функцией подавления скачков напряжения
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The SN65LBC184P is a transient voltage suppression differential Data Line Transceiver in the trade-standard footprint of the SN75176 with built-in protection against high-energy noise transients. This feature provides a substantial increase in reliability for better immunity to noise transients coupled to the data cable over most existing devices. Use of these circuits provides a reliable direct-coupled (with no isolation transformer) data line interface without requiring any external components. It can withstand over-voltage transients of 400W peak (typical). The conventional combination wave called out in IEC 61000-4-5 simulates the over-voltage transient and models unidirectional surge caused by over-voltages from switching and secondary lightning transients.

• Integrated transient voltage suppression
• Controlled driver output voltage slew rates allow longer cable stub lengths
• Open-circuit failsafe receiver design
• 1/4 Unit-load (up to 128 nodes on the bus)
• Thermal shutdown protection
• Power-up and power-down glitch protection
• Pin-compatible with SN75176
• 250kbps in Electrically noisy environments
• 300µA Maximum low disabled supply current
• 0.25Mbps Maximum signalling rate
• 15kV HBM ESD
• 128 Number of nodes
• -7 to 12V Common mode range

Код: 1102931

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