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SN74HC164N, Регистр сдвиговый 8-BIT SHIFT REGISTER [14-DIP]

Артикул: SN74HC164N
Ном. номер: 819349560
Производитель: Texas
SN74HC164N, Регистр сдвиговый 8-BIT SHIFT REGISTER [14-DIP]
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The SN74HC164N is a 8-bit parallel-out Serial Shift Register features AND-gated serial inputs and an asynchronous clear (CLR) input. The gated serial (A and B) inputs permit complete control over incoming data, a low at either input inhibits entry of the new data and resets the first flip-flop to the low level at the next clock (CLK) pulse. A high-level input enables the other input, which then determines the state of the first flip-flop. Data at the serial inputs can be changed while CLK is high or low, provided the minimum set-up time requirements are met. Clocking occurs on the low-to-high-level transition of CLK.

• Outputs can drive up to 10 LSTTL loads
• Fully buffered clock and serial inputs
• Direct clear
• Green product and no Sb/Br

Код: 1287514

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