SP900S-0.009-00-43, Термоизолятор, Sil-Pad 900S, .009", TO-220, упаковка из 10, Стекловолокно, 1.6 Вт/м.K, 5.5 кВ

PartNumber: SP900S-0.009-00-43
Ном. номер: 8032626536
Производитель: Bergquist
SP900S-0.009-00-43, Термоизолятор ...
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от 25 уп. — 282 руб.


The SP900S-0.009-00-43 is a 0.009 x 4 x 3-inch no adhesive Sil-Pad® high performance thermally conductive Insulation Material which is designed for a wide variety of applications requiring high thermal performance and electrical isolation. These applications also typically have low mounting pressures for component clamping. Sil-Pad 900S material combines a smooth and highly compliant surface characteristic with high thermal conductivity. These features optimize the thermal resistance properties at low pressures. Applications requiring low component clamping forces include discrete semiconductors (TO-220, TO-247 and TO-218) mounted with spring clips. Spring clips assist with quick assembly and apply a limited amount of force to the semiconductor. The smooth surface texture of Sil-Pad 900S minimizes interfacial thermal resistance and maximizes thermal performance.

• UL94V-0 Flammability rating
• Electrically isolating
• Low mounting pressures
• Smooth and highly compliant surface
• General-purpose thermal interface material solution
• -60 to 180°C Temperature range

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