STB 17/D6/4/M4 SAKC10 -147100000, SAK Series Socket

PartNumber: STB 17/D6/4/M4 SAKC10 -147100000
Ном. номер: 8112188881
Производитель: Weidmuller
STB 17/D6/4/M4 SAKC10 -147100000, SAK Series Socket
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61 × = 610
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Standard Terminals, End Covers, and Jumper Bars
Standard or feed through rated at 750V. Terminals of the same type may be cross connected using the pre-assembled jumper bars for up to 10 poles (2.5mm-16mm terminals) and 2 poles (35mm terminals)., TSCH partitions fit jumper bar cut outs.

TSCH small partitions fit SAK 2.5, 5, 6N, 10 and 16 standard terminals., Stock No.s 425-639 and 425-645 do not have DEMKO Approval

CSA certified, UL listed, NEMKO, SEV, KEMA, DEMKO

SAK Series
Terminals manufactured from polymide 6.6 with a working temperature of -50°C to +100°C except the fused terminal block (425-689) which is high grade melamine with a working temperature of -60°C to +130°C. Asymmetric rail (G-profile) to B 5825: 1980 EN 50035 mounting

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SAK Series Socket

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SAK Series Socket