STEVAL-ILL045V1, Затемняющий триак, 9Вт, формат A19, высокий коэффициент мощности, плата драйвера на базе HVLED815PF

PartNumber: STEVAL-ILL045V1
Ном. номер: 8049110774
Производитель: ST Microelectronics
STEVAL-ILL045V1, Затемняющий триак, 9Вт ...
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The STEVAL-ILL045V1 is a demo board for HVLED815PF LED driver chip. This board solves the problem of low cost drive circuitry for LED replacements for 40W incandescent or equivalent compact fluorescent lamps. The HVLED815PF is a new integrated power controller using primary side control to achieve LED current regulation within +/-5% (It also has primary side voltage regulation, used here for open load protection). The device incorporates an 800V avalanche rated and an internal startup circuit eliminates the need for external rapid start circuitry. The PFC flyback power converter operates in transition mode for the highest efficiency and best use of components. With the addition of a few extra components the HVLED815PF is made to draw near sinusoidal input current from the AC line. The circuit regulates LED current over a wide range of line voltage and LED string voltage and it is dimmable with standard triac based dimmers.

• 9W output, for light equal to a range from 40W to 60W incandescent
• 5% primary side current regulation, no optocoupler
• Low component count, 25 parts, including the EMI filter
• Only one tight tolerance component
• High efficiency, greater than 86%
• High power factor, greater than 0.98
• Low THD, less than 20% over 90V to 132V range
• Fits in 28mm tubing, 52mm overall length
• Dimmable with common triac dimmer

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Код: 2308928

Технические параметры

Микросхема Ядра
Топология Устройства
Постоянный Ток, Обратноходовой
Количество Выходов
Минимальное Входное Напряжение
90В AC
Максимальное Входное Напряжение
132В AC
Тип Управления Затемнением
Содержимое Комплекта
Demo Board HVLED815PF
Топология (Общая Схема Соединений)

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet STEVAL-ILL045V1